Are these Pizza Hut smart sneakers amazing or terrible? We debate

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Pizza Hut just announced a new line of bluetooth-enabled high tops that will let slightly lazy pizza lovers order up a pie by pushing a button on their shoe.

The so-called Pie-Tops II connect with the owner’s smartphone and a Pie Tops app, so whenever you find yourself thinking (in your most Temple of the Dog voice) “I’m getting hungry,” you can simply push a button on the tongue of the right shoe, confirm your order and address in the app, and wait for your pizza delivery. There’s even a button in the left shoe that lets you pause your live TV, so you don’t miss any action when the pie shows up.

A very limited number of shoes go on sale the week of March 19 via online retail site HBX. Pricing is still TBD. Some of us around here couldn’t contain our excitement over ordering pizza with a shoe, while others were less than enthused at the prospect of living in the future.

To wit, here’s a one-act play inspired by a real debate I just had with Fast Company‘s retail and fashion expert Liz Segran.

ML: Liz, did you see that you can now order pizza through your shoes?

LS: No.

ML: They are called Pie Tops. GET IT?

LS: No.

ML: These shoes can order pizza. What is better than that?

LS: No.

ML: You can also pause TV on your shoe so you don’t miss even a second of The Bachelor when your pizza is delivered!

LS: No.

ML: Plus, they are superfly high-tops!

LS: No.

ML: Gucci is DEFINITELY borrowing this idea next season.


ML: Would you feel differently if this was, say, chocolate cake?

LS: No.

ML: Why do you hate the future, Liz????

LS: [Face Palm]

End scene.ML

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