Apple and Spotify may finally start playing nice—with Siri at least

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The world’s most popular streaming music service may soon feel a little more at home on your iPhone or Apple Watch, if rivals Apple and Spotify are able to reach any sort of “truce,” according to a report out today from the Information.

The two companies have butted heads for years, and it’s likely they’ll continue to do so—Spotify’s protest web page (in which Spotify details accusations that Apple engages in anticompetitive behavior) is just one example of hurt feelings. But despite the mutual dislike, Apple and Spotify are reportedly in talks to integrate Spotify more tightly with Siri, Apple’s digital assistant.

The companies are “discussing a plan” that would let iPhone users ask Siri to play music with Spotify, instead of requiring them to manually navigate to whatever song, album, or playlist they want to hear via the third-party app. The Information’s report on this handy potential change cites three anonymous sources who are “familiar with the discussions.”

Neither company confirmed the report when contacted by Fast Company.

Until this summer, the Information points out, Apple and its software tools were in the way. Apple only recently started letting music and podcast app makers integrate their stuff more tightly with Siri. And there are other obstacles that may be driving the companies apart. Spotify’s standing complaints include the 30% fee that Apple charges developers and the allegation that Apple “routinely blocks our experience-enhancing upgrades.”

Of course, for Apple and Spotify users who simply long to play their Low-Fi Hip Hop Anime Beats to Chill to via Siri, the specifics don’t really matter. These companies are competitors, and surely they’ll find more reasons not to get along. But any news that they may have started to bury the hatchet, even in some small way, is welcome.

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